CVS Employee Stock Purchase Plan Review

CVS Health is very generous to their employees. They give employees an option to purchase company stocks through the Employee Stock Purchase Plan Program. Several employees have already given their views about this program. Are you interested to know more about what the employees have to say? You can read on to find out more details:

An employee has said that it has always been his dream to purchase company stocks so this is a dream come true for him.

Another associate from CVS has stated that this is the first time he has heard about the program. It turns out that this was never offered to him.

There is a user that is extremely happy that this is offered to him. He has described the program as “steady and reliable.” He says that the discounts are very useful for purchasing stocks too.

An employee said that this is an amazing opportunity that she will not pass up especially since she was never offered any stocks before.

Another employee said that he will not pass up on the opportunity as it allows him to acquire more stock over the years.

Do take note that the CVS Health stocks are offered with discounts and they are meant to last through the years.

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